• Client: Continental Logistics LLP (AO National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy)
  • Where & When: Astana, 2014
  • Capacity: total area: 47,000 m2; container yard total area: 48,638 m2


The transport and logistics center in Astana is the largest in the Central Asia. It is classified as Class A+, and is designed to provide warehousing and associated services for international and local cargo traffic as well as city and regional distribution of goods.

The development of logistics hubs in the large cities of Kazakhstan will give the opportunity to satisfy the needs of the regions for modern warehouses, and to create the distribution centers covering the neighboring countries.


Astana transport and logistics center is located on the republican Karaganda-Astana highway. Transportation is carried out by road transport from Astana-Karaganda highway and by rail transport from Sorokovaya station. The area inside the fence is 33.6296 hectares, outside the fence is 19.8055 hectares. The total area is 51 hectares.


Phase 1 of the construction includes the following facilities:

  • Dry warehouse
  • Refrigerated warehouse
  • Container yard
  • Gantry crane pad
  • Fixed boiler station with fuel store
  • Fire water pump house
  • Fire water tanks 1000 m3 
  • Stormwater pump station, accumulating tank
  • Stormwater treatment plant with tanks 
  • Transformer substation


Phase 2 of the project includes the following:

  • Shopping center
  • Boiler station with fuel store
  • Transformer substation
  • Container yard 
  • Car parks for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles


The infrastructure of the transport and logistics center incorporates means for receipt and shipment of goods from the rail transport to the road transport and vice versa. There is local 5-km railway line coming directly to the warehouse. The warehouses are equipped with new equipment such as storage rack systems, high reach trucks, automatic docks. All these give the opportunity to establish a basis for transportation of various cargoes and to increase the loading and unloading capacity by 1000 pallets a day. The number of pallet positions if using seven-level racking system is 55,000, total capacity is up to 4000 bulk containers.


The project operator is AO National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, the largest national transport and logistics holding in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The business strategy of the holding assumes that transport and logistics services will grow due to the establishment of internal and external network of transport and logistics hubs.