Full range of turnkey services:

  • Supply of process and MEP equipment
  • Installation of MEP equipment
  • Commissioning and setup
  • Maintenance

Supply and installation of process equipment


For oildfield equipment Eurasia Engineering&Construction works with affiliated factories whose commercial and production policies are coordinated by their management, that allows guaranteeing permanent and flexible conditions under logn-term cooperation. 

In addition, Eurasia Engineering&Construction cooperates with well-known leading foreign and local manufacturers that use innovate technologies of process automation. 


Standards and legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating work with process equipment: 

  • RK SNiP 3.05-09-2002 Process Equipment and Process Pipelines,
  • RK SP 3.05-103-2014 Process Equipment and Process Pipelines.


Equipment supplied by EEC:


  • Main pipelines for petroleum transportation

-   Shutoff valves and fittings

-   Check valves

-   Ball valves

-   Butterfly valves

-   Gate valves

-   Wedge-type vaves


  • Field pipelines for petroleum transportation (housing and public utilities sector):

-   Shutoff valves and fittings (gates, valves)

-   Wellhead valves and fittings (Xmass tree assemblies, sucker rod fittings, injection trees, casing hangers)


  • Oil and gas industry

-   Shutoff valves and fittings (gates, valves)

-   Wellhead valves and fittings (Xmass tree assemblies, sucker rod fittings, injection trees, for electrically-driven pumps)

-   Package units


Each industry and sphere of service provision has specific process equipment. This process equipment can be distinguished by the mechanism of action, control, dimensions, functions, etc.

Maintenance and operation of process equipment  shall be carried out in accordance with the technical standards and rules  specified in the documents attached to the devices. 


Eurasia Engineering&Construction (EE&C) provides installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning services for process equipment:


  • Installation and setup of process equipment 
  • Installation supervision
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance


Installation of process equipment is performed according to the approved design and cost estimate documents, Method Statement and manufacturer's documents. The list of documents included in the Method Statement:


  • Layout of installation area,
  • Installation schedule,
  • Schedule of equipment supply to be installed,
  • Installation schematic for equipment and package units,
  • Specification for equipment installation procedure,
  • Detailed drawings for erection devices,
  • Welding BOQ,
  • Installation BOQ,
  • List of installation equipment and tools,
  • Layout of temporary power supply networks.