Accreditation to perform structural health surveys of building and structures of technically and technologically-diffucult facilities with criticality rating I and II.


KPSP Lab. provides a full range of works:

  • structural health survey,
  • testing and certification of construction materials,
  •  geotechnical investigations,
  • topographic surveys.

Structural health survey

Structural health survey is a set of actions designed to determine a technical condition of load-bearing and enclosing structures of buildings and facilities; it helps to guarantee safety of existing facilities. Structural health survey performed in due time helps to prevent a potential threat of critical condition of the facilities, and reduces repair expenses and ensures people safety. 

    The following methods are used for structural health survey:

    • non-destructive testing
    • destructive testing


    The following are the basis for structural health survey:

    • Defect or damage detection
    • Facility reconstruction
    • Facility sale or purchase
    • Facility damages due to natural disaster
    • Structural function change
    • Recommencement of construction or temporary shutdown of existing facilities
    • Fire safety assessment of a facility


    Non-destructive testing includes a large group of analysis methods used to assess the properties of a material, its components or structures entirely without damaging and putting it out of operation.


    Non-destructive testing methods include:


    • Visual and dimensional inspection
    • X-ray inspection
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Magnetic particle testing
    • Liquid penetrant inspection
    • Vessel leakage monitoring





    • no need to stop the operation of facility being inspected,
    • no loss of production and, as a result, no financial losses due to stoppage of certain areas of a production plant,
    • opportunity to monitor technical condition of facilities on a regular basis,thus, completelly preventing emergency situations and other force majeure events.


    The distinction of destructive testing is a complete destruction or damage of a unit, which disables further use of structures. Pre-operational testing or periodical hydraulic testing of apparatus, mechanical testing of metal samples cut from components, and other types of testing are usually included in destructive testing methods.


    Structural health survey is sregulated by SP RK 1.04-101-2012 "Structural health survey of building and structures"


    Experts of KPSP Lab. Issue a structural health survey report including:


    • test certificates,
    • graphic materials,
    • check calculation for required structures,
    • recommendations for safe operation of the facility.


    Depending on  the reasons and objectives of the survey, the list may be amended.





    KPSP Lab. has a Test Center accredited in accordance with the requirements of ST RK ISO/IEC 17025-2007, "General requirements for the competence to carry out tests and calibrations", Certificate No. KZ.И.10.0765 dated October 27, 2015.


    Structural health survey of building and structures is carried out by a team of highly-qualified engineers with more than 10 years of experience. The engineers of the company have an appropriate professional education. 


    Industrial projects 
















    Civil projects  


    • Railway stockpile and ХВО2 building, Temirtau.

    Client: ArcelorMittalTemirtau JSC, 2016

    • Shanyrak Camp roofing, Tengiz village (Atyrau Region).

    Client: Tengizshevroil LLP, 2016

    • Turbine shop building, Karaganda

    Client: Karaganda Turbomechanical plant, 2016 

    • Plant Crane Trestles, Ust-Kamenogorsk.

    Client: Vostokmashzavod JSC, 2015

    •  Converter Plant of  Balkhash Copper Smelter.

    Client: Kazakhmys LLC, 2012

    • Cast House of Machinery and Repair Plant, Rundiy.

    Client: SSGPO JSC, 2012

    • Raw Mills Building, Raw Mix Silos, Coal Mill, Karaganda Region.

    Client: Karcement JSC, 2011

    • Karaganda Combined Heat and Power Plant CHP-3, Karaganda.

    Client: Karaganda Energocenter LLP


    • Keruen Multi-Use Complex, Astana.

    Client: Build SYSTEM LLP, 2016

    • Production Facilities and Office Buildings, Karaganda.

    Client: Konfety Karagandy JSC, 2015

    • Shopping Mall, Temirtau.

    Client: Asia Management LLP, 2015