• Client: Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP
  • Where & When: Karaganda, 2012
  • Capacity: 1,410 thousand vials, 500 thousand prefilled syringes, 500 thousand cartridges


The pharmaceutical factory is located on the premises of Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP. The pharmaceutical factory construction project is included in the Map of Industrial Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The design capacity of the factory is 2 million herbal formulation packages, 150 million tablets and capsules, and 2 million semisolids per year. The design involves reconstruction of the existing ampouling and freeze drying area in the lyophilized and liquid injectables production shop.


The construction site is located to the south of the raw material and finished product warehouse. The area of the site within the battery limits is 0.8416 hectares. The Arglabin drug substance extraction and synthesis shop is situated to the west and the office building is situated to the east of the lyophilized and liquid injectables production shop.


Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP specializes in the production of the brand-name drugs based on the local herbal raw materials. Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex has two shops: sublimation shop and ampouling shop. The ampouling shop is the only sterile injectables production shop in the country that meets the requirements of GMP, substance extraction and synthesis. At the moment, the factory produces 43 brand-name herbal formulations. The factory was established by the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.