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KPSP was ranked 10th in the top 25 fast-growing companies in Kazakhstan according to FORBES KAZAKHSTAN

Karaganda Promstroyproekt LLP ( presently KPSP) was ranked 10th in the TOP 25 fast-growing companies in Kazakhstan according to Forbes Kazakhstan.

More than a half of companies appeared in the TOP 25 were replaced over the past year.  GDP growth rate dropped from 4.1% in 2014 to 1.2% in 2015. The beginning of 2016 demonstrated a downward trend;  according to the World Bank data published in the Kazakhstan Report, over the period of five months, January through May, the country's GDP was reduced by 0.2% (in comparison with the same period of the previous year).  Almost double depreciation of the national currency had the biggest impact on private companies focused on domestic demand and export to EEU countries, which experienced the same depreciation.  According to the World bank, contribution of the private sector fell by one half in comparison with 2013,  companies partially owned by the government are not considered for the list. 


Yet the places of  the dropped-out companies were taken by fast-growing companies, which, in due time, chose niches independent from  the crisis of commodity prices. However, average performance declined in comparison with the last year's TOP 25.  Average revenue of  2015 list evaluating companies performance for 2011-2014 was equal  to 46 billion tenge, this year's average revenue equals to 28 billion tenge. It is worth noting that  rate of revenue growth of the companies appeared on this list  is 134% on average over the last three years, whereas for the companies appeared on the last year's list, it is only 86%.   


There is a reason to be hopeful; it appears that Kazakhstan economy have already came to the terms with long-term low oil prices.


The companies  were selected in accordance with the following criteria:

  • a company shall be registered and located in Kazakhstan; it shall operate in Kazakhstan;
  • сompany shall be in operation for four year minimum (period under review: 2012-2015);
  • the minimum level of annual revenue/sales/income for 2012, a base year, shall be not less than 45 million tenge;
  • income/revenue growth in relation to the base year shall be not less than 50%;
  • one client or group of companies shall not exceed 50% of company's revenue structure. 


A long list was compiled on the basis of conformity with this requirements.  Additionally, data concering quantity of employees over the period under review was requested. The companies were ranked in accordance with the rate of revenue growth for 2012-2015.


TOP 25 Fast-growing companies in Kazakstan 2016:

1. Real Estate & Construction Group LLP
3. Bank RBK JSC
4. Akva-Arasan LLP
5. AsiaCredit Bank JSC
6. Chocofamily Holding LLP
7. Inform Consulting LLP
8. IC Kazakhmys JSC
9. Astana Banki JSC
10. Karaganda Promstroyproekt LLP
11. Bank Kassa Nova JSC
12. Delta Bank JSC
13. Akniet LLP
14. Credit cooperative Orda Credit LLP
15. Tsesnabank JSC
16. Collection service KazInkas LLP
17. Magnum Cash&Carry LLP
18. Insurance Company London-Almaty JSC
19. Adem-Zhan LLP
20. Investment Financial House RESMI JSC
21. Kazinvestbank JSC
22. Insurance Company Standard JSC
23. Kaspi Bank JSC
24. AsiaAgroFood JSC
25. Astel JSC


Source: https://forbes.kz