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KPSP began work on a Zhairem Mining and Processing Complex project , as a part of a large-scale Kazzink project "Zhairem Polymetal"

KPSP began to develop Basic Design and Detail Design for the project of construction of Mining and Processing Complex on Zhairem site in Karaganda Region, as a part of a large-scale Kazzink project "Zhairem Polymetal".

The amount of investments in the project implementation will exceed 300 mln Euro.

Zhairem Mining and Processing Complex is a major supplier of manganese and ferromanganese concentrates to customers in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and China. The complex is the largest plant extracting and processing manganese ore in Kazakhstan. 


The project includes the following buildings and facilities:

  • Processing Plant with a capacity of 5 mln tons of ore per year,
  • Infrastructure for the Processing Plant,
  •  Infrastructure for West and Far West mines,
  • Common infrastructure for the production site and camp for employees. 


The project will allow implementation of new process solutions using state-of-art high-performance equipment for polymetallic ore processing; increasing export capacity and extending the life of the ore deposit by expansion of the explored areas.