• Category I Design  License
  • General License for design development and expert review of processes, methods of production, design and cost estimation documentation for mining, oil and gas industries
  • License for Environmental Protection Activities
  • Permit For Design Activities in Russian Federation
  • Industrial Safety Certificate allowing to perform work associated with industrial safety

Industrial engineering in different industries

Construction design of industrial enterprises includes the design of both industrial buildings and facilities and auxiliary facilities on the territory of the industrial complex. 


The design of industrial facilities is the most challenging and complicated area of design. KPSP is one of the leading design institutes in Kazakhstan and holds this position for several decades.


Due consideration to the industry specificity is the most difficult task in industrial design. The specifics of production process determines design solutions, the choice of technological and engineering equipment. The following factors shall be considered: environment impact and life safety.


The choice of General Designer is the key factor in finding solutions for such tasks.


KPSP develops turnkey design projects for the construction of plants, individual workshops, as well as for reconstruction, modernization and expansion of existing production facilities. 


A large knowledge base in the field of modern process and engineering solutions in many industries, acquired during working with foreign design companies, allows KPSP to quickly navigate in new modern projects and standards.


Below you'll find the main industry areas in which KPSP has extensive experience and realizes industrial design services:

  • Design of metallurgy enterprises
  • Design of ore mining and processing plants and tailings
  • Design of transportation infrastructure facilities: 

-   Auto and railways, terminals, transport and logistics complexes (warehouses), infrastructure of sea and river transport (ports), railway stations and air terminals

  • Design of machine building factories: general mechanic engineering, production of metal elements and dies

Design of oil and gas industry facilities:

-   Design of oil and gas extraction and refinery enterprises

-   Design of petrochemical enterprises

-   Design of oil and gas extraction, hauling, storage and refinery facilities

  • Design of chemical production facilities

-   Development of construction documentation for construction of chemical plant for production of glyphosate, phosphorates, sodium hydro carbonate and other substances

  • Design of fuel and power generation complex facilities

-    Development of engineering design documentation for construction of process heating station, major parts of thermal power stations of different types

-    Sub industries: fuel industry, electrical power industry, power distribution

  • Design of building material plants: cement, glass, gases
  • Design of agricultural facilities: storage and processing
  • Design of pharmaceutical plants