• Client: Orda Glass Ltd (AO National Management Holding Baiterek)
  • Where & When: Kyzylorda, 2016
  • Capacity: 197.1 thousand tons per year


The construction of the float glass plant is one of the most important projects under the industrial and innovative development program of Kazakhstan. The glass plant will be a forceful factor boosting the economic activity in the region, and will have a beneficial effect not only on the manufacturing industry but also on the medical, automobile and other industries.

The implementation of the float glass plant project will result in that Kazakhstan will become less dependent on the import of construction materials which today are 100% shipped from abroad. The plant management plans that 70% of products will be supplied to the domestic market, and 30% will be exported to the EAEC countries and Central Asia.


The location of the plant in Kyzylorda benefits from the availability of vast reserves of raw materials for glass production such as high-quality quartz sand, dolomite and limestone. Along with the sheet glass, the plant will produce laminated, insulating, tempered and low-emissivity glass, mirrors and insulating glass units using advanced technologies.


The plant site is located in the northern part of Kyzylorda, 3 km north-west of the village of Titov along the railway. The capacity of the plant will be 197.1 thousand tons of glass per year or 600 tons of glass per day.


The designed glass plant includes the following facilities:

  • melting area
  • forming area
  • annealing and cutting area
  • office building
  • warehouse


Finished float glass will be temporarily stored in the warehouse. Finished products will be shipped out in the open railcars, eurotrailers and custom jumbo-size glass A-frame rack transportation vehicles. The design incorporates overhead cranes to load finished products to the vehicles.


Float glass outbound freight turnover is 80 thousand tons per day. Inbound freight turnover is 235.710 thousand tons, including:

  • quartz sand: 134,000 t
  • soda ash: 42,000 t
  • limestone: 8,400 t
  • dolomite: 40,500 t
  • feldspar: 8,800 t
  • sodium sulfate: 1,750 t
  • carbon powder: 60 t
  • tin: 200 t


The project operator is Orda Glass Ltd, a company established in February 2015 to implement glass plant construction project. The project got strong external leveraged support from the subsidiaries of Baiterek Holding: AO Investment Fund of Kazakhstan and AO Development Bank of Kazakhstan. Moreover, Baiterek Holding engaged its strategic partner, Stewart Engineers Inc., an American company having required experience in the management of float glass production and capable of providing necessary process technologies. In addition, the American partner became the co-founder of the company with a 20% interest in the project.