Class I State License (inalienable) for Surveing Activities No. 15019961 of Nov.11, 2015.


KPSP Lab. Provides the following services:

  • Geotechnical Investigations,
  • Geodetic Surveys,
  • Structural Health Surveys of buildings and facilities,
  • Testing and certification of construction matrials.

Geotechnical investigation

At the initial construction stage it is extremely important to perform professional geotechnical investigation to identify specific features of the surveyed area.  The investigation gives data about soil quality and groundwater properties which will be the basis for the development of design documents.

Consequences due to lack of geotechnical investigation data:

  • Foundation settlement,
  • Underflooding,
  • Soil heaving,
  • Cracks in foundations and walls.

As a result, it may be necessary to make repairs , and the construction cost will increase significantly. 


The main document regulating performance of geotechnical investigations in Kazakhstan is RK SP 1.02-102-2014 Geotachnical Investigations for Construction.


Preliminary work

  • Review of Scope Statement and existing archival materials;
  • Study of area features


Field work:

  • Area survey;
  • Test hole drilling;
  • Hydrogeological investigation (soil and water sampling);
  • Exploration of widespread mineral deposits;
  • Determination of  road load-bearing capacity.


Laboratory work:

  • Determination of chemical, physical and mechanical properties of soil and water;
  • Determination of asphalt concrete quality;
  • Testing of construction materials


Office work:

  • Geotechnical investigation reports;
  • Plans of mining operations;
  • Solutions of earth excavation for road and building materials.


A complete scope of work for a specific project is determined in accordance with the features of the surveyed area.

Technical reports issued based on the geotechnical investigation data are included in the mandatory documentation required to obtain a permit for construction.


KPSP design institute develops an individual program of geotechnical investigation for each project.  The results are issued in the form of a technical report.  This report is submitted to the State Examination Committee for review together with Geodethic Survey report and all design and cost estimate documents. The obtained investigation data are important basic data for design development, they significantly affect the design solutions. 


Geotechnical Investigation report includes:


  • Basic information about the project
  • Completion time and scope of performed work
  • Information on deviations and changes with regard to the Scope Statement and Geotechnical Investigation program
  • Information on initial permit documents
  • Characteristics of natural and technogenic conditions
  • Methods and procedure of work performance
  • Materials and results of  completed geotechnical investigations
  • Risk assessment for natural and man-made processes
  • Data catalogues containing the main results of possible changes in natural and man-made conditions at the construction site.