Class I State License (inalienable) for Surveing Activities No. 15019961 of Nov.11, 2015.



KPSP Lab. Provides the following services:

  • Geotechnical Investigations,
  • Geodetic Surveys,
  • Structural Health Surveys of buildings and facilities,
  • Testing and certification of construction matrials.

Geodetic surveys

The basis of the geodetic surveys is engineering measurements used for obtaining information about the terrain and hydrography of the area, extisting buildings and facilities, underground and other utilities. The purpose of geodetic surveys is assessment of natural and man-made conditions at the site to justify the design, construction and operation of facilities.

Work performance procedure for each specific project is specified in the Scope Statement based on the physical and geographical features of the area to be surveyed.  Geodetic surveys make it possible to predict potential changes in the terrain and issue recommendations for performance of upcoming construction.


It should be noted that geodetic surveys are carried out before start of construction work, during and after completion of all works:

  • During facility construction dimensions and other parameters are checked for compliance;
  • Upon construction topograpfic survey can detect deviations by comparing the facility in real time with the design.


KPSP Lab. performs geodetic surveys of any complexity:

  • Different types of plants
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Ferry complexes
  • Railway stations, etc.


  • Collection of basic data
  • Study of terrain topography features
  • Topographic and geodetic surveys
  • Determination of underground and aboveground utilities
  • Preparation for seismic surveys
  • Horizontal and vertical control
  • Issue and update of topographic maps or survey plans
  • Development of digital terrain models
  • Issue of Geodetic Survey report


Detailed geodetic survey is performed  at intersection points with other line infrastructure (such as railroads, roads, pipelines, communication and power supply lines).


All types of field and laboratory works are carried out by highly qualified specialists having experience in surveying  production facilities located in different regions of Kazakhstan.


The final stage of geodetic surveys  is the development of a finished topogragraphic map that allows KPSP Lab's specialists to obtain a clear  map of the area for its layout and development.  This map will be used for stakeout based on design documents.


The results of the completed geodetic survey are issued in a form of Geodetic Survey report including the following:


  • Calibration test results for the measurement equipment carried out before start of field work;
  • Layout of benchmark and pillars;
  • Catalogues of coordinates and elevations of geodetic grids;
  • Data on geodetic observations over foundation settlement and deformation;
  • List of utilities;
  • Certificate of acceptance of permanent pillars;
  • Certificate of field work supervision and work acceptance.


Geodetic Survey report includes soft and hard copies of topographic maps with all utilities and elevations.