• Field supervison is carried out during the whole construction period: from the start of construction works to commisionning of completed projects. Sometimes the field supervision extends to the initial operation of a project. 
  • In accordance with cl. 1, art 34 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On architecture, urban development, and construction activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan", field supervision shall be carried out by developers of design documents at all buildings and facilities to be constructed regardless the form of ownership.

Field supervision


Field supervision is a designer's monitoring and control over construction and installation work  for compliance with the design solutions proposed in design and cost estimate documentation. Unreasonable deviations from design documents may result in violations associated with reliability and safety of structures. That's why field supervision guarantees acceptance of a construction project into operation and compliance of its characteristics to the investment plan.  


Field Supervision id performed for the following:

  • construction project
  • equipment and materials
  • construction and installation work
  • procurement documentation
  • structural components and systems
  • as-built documentation and cost estimate documentation

Primary objectives of field supervision:

  • compliance with construction technology
  • achievement of design values
  • accuracy of documentation
  • usage of permitted materials and equipment
  • quality of deliveries


Field supervision in the Republic of Kazakhstan includes a number of the following activities:

  • An owner or a technical supervisor determines a necessity to conduct the field supervision
  • A technical supervisor and a general designer sign a contract for Field Supervision
  • Development of field supervision documentation
  • Appointment of a field supervision team by a general designer
  • Scheduled visits on site to review the results of works
  • Assistance to builders on the approved drawings and sketches
  • Revision of design documents with Client' consent, if required
  • Remote supervision over the project execution
  • Assistance to a Client with any issues connected with construction and repair work


Conclusions of the field supervision are drawn upon completion of construction:  final acts of inspection of the construction project need to be drawn up, final records need to be entered in the field supervision log.


The cost of field supervision service in Kazakhstan is specified in accordance with SNiP 1.03-03-2010, "Regulation on field supervision over the construction and renovation of buildings, structures and their overhauls".


Expenses for construction field supervision are determined based on the established parameters expressed as a percentage of a basic estimated construction cost.


⇒   0,2% of estimated cost of a construction project


The following are included in the cost of field supervision:

  • salary of field supervision engineers in accordance with their fixed salary
  • other direct expenses
  • travel expenses including transportation
  • indirect expenses expressed as percentage
  • statutory charges set by legislative of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • KPSP experts are highly-qualified and have an extensive experience in field supervision. 


KPSP experts are highly-qualified and have an extensive experience in field supervision. 


Key projects supervised by KPSP's field supervision specialists:

  • Ferry Complex in Kuryk Port, Mangystau Region. Client: NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC
  • Transport and Logistics Center, Astana. Client: Continental Logistics LLP
  • New Water Treatment Plant No.4, Temirtau. Client: ArcelorMittalTemirtau JSC
  • Zhairem Mining and Processing Plant, Karaganda Region. Client: Engineering Dobersek GmbH
  • Cement plant, Mangystau Region. Clients:  Caspicement LLP, and CDI
  • Concrete Product Plant, Astana. Client: ABK-MAKSAT LLP
  • Karaganda Combined Heat and Power Plant CHP-3. Client: Karaganda Energocenter LLP
  • Cement Plant, Akmola Region. Client: BI-Сement LLP
  • Oxygen Converter Plant, Temirtau. Client: Linde Gas Kazakhstan LLP
  • Cement Plant, Rudniy. Client: Rudniy Cement Plant LLP
  • Shanyrak Camp, Atyrau Region. Client: Tengizhevroil LLP