• Client: National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC
  • Where & When: Mangistau region, 2016
  • Capacity: port area: 40 hectares; volume of cargo processing: 4 million tons per year with future growth to 13.9 million tons per year


The construction of the Kuryk seaport is carried out by AO National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy under Nurly Zhol Program. Kazakhstan Temir Zholy is currently performing functions of the operator of the main railway network. Considering the leading role of the railway transport in the accomplishment of governmental missions aimed at developing the transit potential of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy strives to form international transport corridors, modernize transport infrastructure and enter new market segments. In this regard, the establishment of transport and logistics centers and the formation of transit area between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and other countries contribute to the development of the region's economy.

The ferry complex in Kuryk port is one of the most promising Eurasian transport corridors coming from China through Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan and Georgia to Europe. The advantageous location of the Kuryk port gives the opportunity to transport a wide range of cargoes, including petroleum products, grains, coal, fertilizers, chemicals, containers, building materials, and consumer goods.


The Kuryk port is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea to the south of the Aktau port in the bay providing favorable conditions for loading and unloading operations, in particular, railcar roll-on and roll-off. The construction of the Kuryk ferry complex began in April 2015, the operation started in December 2016. From the beginning of its operation to the present day, the volume of transshipment reached 1 million tons of cargoes.


The infrastructure of the Kuryk ferry complex includes the following components:

  • Pier with two berths equipped with linkspans for train ferry maintenance
  • Pier with Ro-Ro vehicle ferry berth
  • Universal pier for all kinds of ships
  • Hotel for 40 vehicle drivers and passengers
  • Canteen for 50 seats


The first phase of the construction of the Kuryk port is completed and commissioned which made it possible to process ferries with railway cars on a round-the-clock basis. The smooth-running railroad has 2 rail yards: A and B, each yard includes 6 shunting lines. Karaganda Promstroyproekt LLP designed linkspans to allow loading and unloading operations and a pier for ferry mooring. The first phase includes the following buildings and facilities:

  • off-site access railway
  • rail yards A and B
  • pier
  • linkspan No.1 and No.2
  • two control centers
  • office building with checkpoint
  • port traffic control center with customs and border control services
  • railcar examination shed
  • rail weighbridge
  • radio mast
  • packaged boiler station
  • packaged transformer substation No.1 and No.2
  • sanitary treatment plant
  • diesel power station
  • other


At the moment, the second phase of construction of the Kuryk port is in progress, namely, the construction of the car ferry terminal which as planned will process up to 6 million tons of cargo per year and will share the load of Aktau port. Trucks are located in the port parking lot until the receipt of information regarding arrival of the ferry to the port. Then the truck goes to the inspection checkpoint, and before entry it is automatically registered by the system. There are 3 checkpoints: 2 checkpoints for trucks and 1 checkpoint for cars. The truck and car area of the port accommodates the following facilities:

  • vehicle inspection checkpoint with radiation monitoring system
  • wheel wash bath
  • vehicle dimension and weight check
  • quarantine area of phytosanitation and radiation control
  • security gatehouse
  • phytosanitation control isolation store
  • isolation box with enhanced radiation protection for 2 vehicles
  • detailed examination building with temporary storage warehouse
  • building of inspection groups
  • vehicle checkpoint
  • passenger checkpoint
  • vehicle inspection system
  • control center
  • vehicle detailed examination shed
  • ship traffic control building
  • customs clearance area