• Client: Karaganda Energocenter LLP
  • Where & When: Karaganda, 2013
  • Capacity: 110/115-MW steam turbine; 670-t/h boiler; total area of designed buildings: 13,350 m


Karaganda CHPP No. 3 is a power plant of regional significance located 2.5 km north-east from the city of Karaganda. The CHPP was modernized to reduce power shortage in Karaganda region.

The total area of ​​the site is 30,450 m2. The total area of ​​the designed buildings is 13,250 m2. The capacity of the plant in physical terms: 110/115-MW steam turbine and 670-t/h boiler.


The following new buildings and facilities were built on the CHPP site:

  • main building (expansion)
  • draft system 
  • dust removal plant
  • circulation water piping
  • main transformer
  • high voltage auxiliary transformer
  • cooling tower
  • fire water pump station
  • distribution chamber of electrostatic precipitators
  • circulation water valve chamber
  • emergency oil discharge tank


In addition, CHPP No. 3 modernization project included construction of a power-generating unit with the installation of 110-MW turbine generator and 180-Gcal/h boiler.


There were one boiler overhauled, three boilers maintained, turbine generator No. 5 repaired and installation completed in turbine shop No. 6. Much work was done in the fuel and transport shop, belt conveyors were reconstructed to make them wider and to increase their conveying capacity. New gas analyzers measuring carbon dioxide and other parameters were installed in order to reduce emissions. Six of the seven boilers were equipped with new emulsifying ash collectors functioning as environmental filters.


The equipment supplier and repair contractor was China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC). The corporation was founded in 1978. CMEC is a well-known international contractor engaged in design, construction, trade and scientific research.


The owner of CHPP No. 3, Karaganda Energocenter LLP, is the only single-source heat provider in Karaganda and Karaganda region. The cost of CHHP No.3 expansion project including phase three was about 27.7 billion KZT.