KPSP experts design both municipal and suburban linear facilities of any scale:

  • Transport lines (railroads, automobile roads, trolley bus roads),
  • Power transmission lines
  • Communication lines
  • Pipelines
  • Sewage collectors
  • Water supply lines
  • Gas lines
  • Oil lines
  • Bridges

Design of linear facilities


The development of urban infrastructure, as well as industrial areas requires solving the problems of designing linear facilities. The design process is aimed at finding the optimal strategy of positioning of the linear facility considering terrain features  and environment impact.  


* Linear facilities are engineering and technical support systems, cable communication facilities laid overhead, above ground, underground or underwater. 


    Works on the design of linear facilities are carried out taking into consideration the route, the capacity of the facility and its compatibility with the elements of the environment.


    The project documentation for the construction of linear facilities includes:

    • facility passport,
    • executive summary
    • route plan,
    • structural solutions,
    • traffic safety precautions,
    • construction management plan,
    • environment protection plan,
    • cost estimation documentation,
    • investment return estimation and performance indicators,
    • building materials consumption schedule,
    • main set of drawings.



      Some of the linear facilities designed by KPSP:


      • Reconstruction of automobile road in Kuryk Port, Mangistau region

      Client: Korpus-Premium LLP, 2017


      • Construction of heating supply distribution network for accommodation blocks: design of main heating supply pipeline from Karaganda Thermal Power Plant 3

      Client: State Enterprise Karaganda Municipal Construction Department, 2017


      • Ferry complex in Kuryk port: design of railway tracks, power transmission lines, optical fibre communication lines, external communication networks, Mangistau region

      Client: National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC 2016 


      • Railway hub of coal mining pit "Centralniy-2": design of approach and connecting tracks, industrial railway station with arrangement of tracks; Karaganda region

      Client: Arbat JV LLP, 2015


      • Design of railway track section between Karyernaya-5 and Post Soedinitelniy, Mangistau region

      Client: Orken LLP, 2014


      • Drainage utilities and equipment for Baytau facility in vicinity of Burabay Lake: design of gravity and force drainage mains, Akmola region

      Client: Gornyaki Priirtishya LLP, 2013


      • Reconstruction of automobile road cross-over for Astana-Schuchinsk Highway, Akmola region

      Client: State Enterprise Municipal Affairs, Automobile Roads and Passenger transportation Department of Burabay region, 2012


      • Reconstruction of railway cross-over and sections of automobile roads, Aktau city

      Client: Engineering Centre Astana LLP, 2010