SICIM S.p.a together with KPSP established a joint venture - Eurasia Engineering&Construction -  to implement complex projects using an integrated approach based on the extensive experience of each company, advanced technologies of production processes and planning methods. Eurasia Engineering & Construction manages projects of construction of various levels of complexity.

  • over 58 years of experience in design and engineering
  • over 56 years of experience in construction

Comprehensive civil and industrial construction


  • Oil and gas industry (extraction, main and field transportation, storage and refining)
  • Mining industry (tail storage facilities, mining and beneficiation)
  • Metallurgy, metalworking and machine building;
  • Chemical industry (glyphosates, phosphorus, soda, etc.)
  • Fuel and energy industry (fuel industry, power industry, power transportation and distribution
  • Transportation infrastructure (roads and railroads, terminal facilities, transport and logistics centers (temporary storage warehouses), sea and river transport infrastructure (ports), railway stations and airports)
  • Marine and hydrotechnical construction (hydrotechnical structures, seaway canals, port facilities)
  • Construction materials industry (cement, glass, technical gases)


Eurasia Engineering & Construction:

  • Category 2 License for construction and installation work
  • Category 2 License for design and engineering activities


SICIM S.p.A. has an impressive amount of construction equipment and machines in 19 countries:

  • Equipment for construction (bulldozers, front loaders, excavators, crawler dumpers, dozers, compactors, drainage pumps, etc).

Total number: 749 units of construction equipment and machines

  • Machining equipment (pipe layer, filling machine, winches, test motor pumps, compressors, generators, hoists, welding machines, etc.)

Total number: 3255 units of equipment

  • Various vehicles (cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, trailers, etc)

Total number: 1498 vehicle units

  • Camps

Accommodation for 8500 people


In Kazakhstan resourses and facilities of SICIM S.p.A.are located in:

  • Karabatan Station

Area: 5 hectares

Production facilities: 1.8 hectares

Accommodation: 1000 employees

  • Tengiz Station

Area: 2 hectares

Production facilities: 1.7 hectares

Accommodation: 2000 employees


SICIM S.p.A. conducts the impeccable policy of HSE management system:


  • Mintigation of environment impact
  • Maintenance of safe labour conditions
  • Prevention of injuries and diseases
  • Risk control for staff and third parties
  • Assessment of company's activities on the environment
  • Appropriate staff training
  • Medical facilities at all work areas.


SICIM S.p.A. and KPSP employ highly qualified specialists with an extensive experience in construction design and engineering, procurement and industrial construction:

  • over 5,000 implemented projects,
  • over 10,000 km of installed oil and gas pipelines and related infrastructure.


Eurasia Engineering&Construction JV has a considerable experience in design and construction. It is proved by large-scale contracts leading to increased turnover, staff employment and staff improvement skills.  In 2017 the international turnover of SICIM S.p.A. was 600 mln euros.


Contruction projects have been implemented in Mexico, Turkey, Iraq, Ireland, Germany, Peru, Angola, the United Kingdom, Cameroon, Colombia, Congo, France, Spain, Italy, Libya, Kazakhstan.


Experience in design and engineering is not less extensive and includes projects implemented by KPSP's design engineers in Kazakhstan and Russia almost in all areas:


  • Metallurgy and machine building
  • Mining and ore processing industry
  • Construction materials industry
  • Fuel and energy industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Civil engineering
  • Utilities
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry