Adress: 100009 Republic of Kazakhstan

3 Nurken Abdirov Avenue, Karaganda 





Today KPSP is one of the largest companies in Kazakhstan in the field of industrial and civil engineering.
To be the advanced Company, we need to adhere to the fundamental principles and values that join us together. This is a pledge of our prosperity! We appreciate indifferent attitude to the business, contribution of each employee to collective success is important for us because it is composed of achievements of each employee!

KPSP's integrated employee development system has the two main lines.


 First of all, it provides a compliance of qualification of designers with solution of current tasks facing the Institute. Training of personnel for implementation of long-term plans of KPSP is a next key line which implies development of the skills and competences which will be demanded by the Company in the long term.


  • The system is intended for advanced training of operational and managerial personnel of all levels.
  • For designers belonging to the Company's personnel reserve the individual plans in accordance with "70/20/10" principle are formed where 70% of time is given to training during practice, 20% – to mentoring (technical study), and 10% falls at distance learning, self-study of materials.
  • The Company has own Autodesk's training center, where designers monthly improve their skills of acquiring of AutoCAD program product.


The development system of KPSP employees consists of the three main units:

  1. Professional:
    • Mandatory training for a compliance with requirements of designers
    • Acquiring of knowledge and improving of skills for necessary specialties and functions
  2. Managerial:
    • Business and personal skills of managers and employees belonging to the personnel reserve
  3. Corporate:
    • Skills of personal performance of employees
    • Understanding of business 

During training and development the employees must acquire all necessary technical and managerial competences for efficient work in the Company. The company increases a share of vocational training. The planned ratio of programs of training and development for each employee is up to 80% of time for technical training and not more than 20% – for general corporate training.


  • The training programs are developed both by efforts of the company's business units and with the aid of leading Kazakh and Russian educational institutions, including higher educational establishments.
  • The corporate development programs are formed with consideration for a company's strategic tasks and results of assessment of managerial and professional competences of the employees.



  • Your CV should contain the title of the desired position and comply with the position requirements posted on the website.
  • Your CV will be added to our database and stored for a long time.
  • Contact details and professional competence level listed in your CV should be up to date, and should be updated in case of major changes by sending an updated CV to the company's e-mail indicating the list of changes in the body of the letter.
  • The HR manager will invite you to an interview as the operational need may require or as may be necessary to fill the new vacancies for the development of human resources, if the vacant position matches your experience and meet your expectations.