• Adaptation implies revision of all documentation,  Executive Summaries, plans and other materials in accordance with the requirements for project implementation of Kazakhstan. 
  • KPSP has a great experience and a Сategory 1 Licence to develop designs of almost all  types of facilities in different industries.

Adaptation of foreign design documentation

Nowadays, most of the foreign companies act both as investors and as designers of projects to be implemented on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. However it is impossible to adapt these projects to Kazakhstan realias in full, since they are based on regulations that significantly differ from the legal requirements and regulations of our country. Therefore, the implementation of proejcts developed by foreign engineering companies is impossible without adaptation to the project environment of Kazakhstan.   


Laws and Regulations regulating adaptation of foreign design documentation:

  • The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.242-II "On architecture, urban development, and construction activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan" 
  • RK SN 1.02-03-2011 Rules for the development, review, approval and scope of design documents"

Adaptation of foreign design documentation for construction projects shall be performed by designers that obtained a State License for designing the specific types of facilities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The following factors shall be considered based on the specific area of project location:

  • Terrain Features
  • Type and Composition of Soil
  • Groundwater depth
  • Climatic conditions
  • Off-sites utilities


Adaptation includes:

  • Translation of design documents from English/Russian into Russian/English
  • Review and revision of technical documentation for the compliance with construction norms and rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Issue of recommendations based on review and revision of foreign documentation
  • Revision of foreign documentation
  • Development of project-specific technical specifications
  • Development of cost estimate documents
  • Consultancy and technical support to foreign designers


In some cases, a deeper project adaptation is required; it is necessary to revise all the disciplines if there is a need to retain all architectural and design features. For instance, it is difficult for a design company performing adaptation either to insert a remote facility into the existing engineering infrastructure, or to ensure compliance with geological conditions of the construction area.




KPSP cooperates with many foreign design companies and design departments of large-scale manufacturing companies developing process-engineering part of their projects.


As a result of adaptation, Client receives a design and cost estimate documentation package, which is fully ready for the State Expert review.


There are three main criteria allowing KPSP to provide its Clients with a high-class adaptation of foreign design and cost estimate documentation complied with the requirements of the building code and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Extensive experience in cooperation with foreign design companies in different design disciplines (acting as a contractor),
  • Extensive experience in adaptation of the full design documentation package developed by foreign designers,
  • Unique experience in design of large projects on the territory of Kazakhstan.


International partners in the field of construction and design:

  • The Linde Group (Germany)
  • SICIM S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Engineering Dobersek GmbH (Germany)
  • Foster and Partners (Great Britain)
  • China Machinery Engineering Corporation (China)
  • FAVEA (Czech Republic)
  • INPROCON International Project Consultants GmbH (Germany)
  • Fluid Solutions (Germany)
  • CDI Corporation (China)
  • B.E. Vedeneed VNIIG JSC (Russia)
  • Hyprochlor LLC (RUSSIA)
  • NPO RIVS (Russia)
  • Morstroytechnology LLC